Herbal Wisdom




The holistic practitioners goal is to assist the client in identifying the core root of the imbalance. By accessing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies of the client . Personalized advice is tailored for each individual to help heal, repair and re-calibrate the body back to it’s natural state of health and harmony. 

Treatment may include:

Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Nutritional Supplements and diet and lifestyle advice to facilitate the healing process and maintain optimal well-being.  Individualized  treatments may incorporate Iridology and Rayid with Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis.



NATUROPATHIC consultations

We are blessed with some wonderful Naturopathic consultants here at herbal Wisdom. We often offer over the counter advice on appropriate supplements and protocols but we highly recommend our clients to book in a consultation to ensure best practice and healthier outcomes.





Out team of practitioners are available for private consultations concerning your health and well being. 


Herbalist dispensary

Professional over the counter advise

Herbs are alive and here to assist us on our beautiful journey on earth! 

The herbalist examines the clients tissue state, energetic patterns, and organ vitality to match the best herbs for them. Sometime using a specific herbal or a blend of herbs to assist the client.   




Iris is the window to the soul

The Iris is like a map of the body showing where the individual has strengths or possible weaknesses. This tool allow us to be more specific in our health accessment.