Herbal Wisdom


Queen of Mushrooms

This beautiful specimen of Australias native Reishi, Ganoderma resinaceum is growing happily here in Bangalow. 
Reishi are known as the “Queen of Mushrooms” as they have been revered in Asia for thousands of years. They are the most clinically studied substance in the world, widely known as an “elixir of immortality” for their ability to increase vitality and longevity, protect the liver and strengthen the heart. The many benefits of Reishi also include immune system regulation, cancer prevention, anxiety relief, lowered blood pressure, anti-viral actions and nausea relief. 
As we head into winter, now is a good time to start fine tuning your immune system by adding reishi into your diet. Chat to us in store to see what reishi product suits you best.

Blair Beattie