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Ruby Chapman

Naturopath & Herbalist 

Bachelor of Natural Medicine (current BNatMed – Medical Herbalist/Naturopath) South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

NLK Kinesiology practitioner 

My Story

Ruby holds a Bachelor of Natural Medicine (BNatMed) and is a qualified Medical Herbalist/Naturopath and NLK Kinesiology practitioner. With a focus on diabetes, autoimmunity, skin conditions, and gastrointestinal health, Ruby draws from her personal journey as a Type 1 diabetic to emphasise the significance of collaborative partnerships with clients in addressing their therapeutic needs and long-term health goals.

Integrating her expertise in kinesiology and naturopathy, Ruby crafts a unique and holistic approach to her practice. She delves into both the physical and emotional aspects of her clients' well-being, complemented by pathology tests for enhanced accuracy. Ruby's ultimate goal is to empower and guide her clients, fostering a reconnection with their bodies on every level and providing a clear understanding of the health journey they are dedicated to undertaking.

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