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Charlotte Ivey

Charlotte holds a bachelor's degree in Naturopathy, is a member of the ANTA and is an institute member of MTHFR Australia. 

About Charlotte

Charlotte has a passionate and keen interest in mental health, especially related to trauma, and trauma’s effects on the body which can include but is not limited to; chronic health issues,  genetic disorders, addiction, depression and dis-ease. 


Charlotte is deeply intuitive and approaches healing through working with each individual on both a spiritual and physical level. 


With a passion in mental health, DNA and epigenetics, Charlotte continues to be absorbed in learning. She has previously been awarded a scholarship from Mind Medicine Australia for her research article titled "Ayahuasca: Enhancing the effectiveness and minimising risks for psychedelic treatment" for her interest in plant psychedelics within mental health. 


Charlotte intends to study a PHD in genetics to continue her passion of supporting individuals with chronic mental health issues relating to ancestral and current lifetime trauma. 


Charlotte has a caring and approachable nature and her natural gift within healing and naturopathy allows you to fully work with the root cause of any health concern. 

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