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Peter Birkkjaer

Master Herbalist, Ka Huna body worker, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian healings & iridology

About Peter

In 2007, Peter moved to Bangalow and opened Herbal Wisdom. He is now a well-known and well-loved  local, with two beautiful children. In his consultations, Peter uses iridology, rayid, pulse and tongue diagnosis to help him determine the overall state of health for the individual. He expertly uses herbs, flower essences, nutrition and intuition to bring upon a shift in health, one step at a time. Peter has successfully used herbs and nutrition to help hundreds of clients over the years with digestive issues, skin conditions, general dietary advice, hormonal balancing, improving mental states as well as supporting those cancer. He is able to work alongside medical professionals to find the best course of healing for an individual. Private consultations available

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