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Isabel Halse

Isabel Halse, B. ClinSci (Nat and Comp Med ), B.HealthSci (Nat), M. Adv NatMed, NHAA

About Isabel

Isabel has experience working as a naturopath at some of Byron’s top detoxification and wellness retreats. She is also a researcher who has investigated the role of naturopathy and herbalism in disaster health management and has presented her findings at several conferences. In her practice, she marries traditional wisdom and the latest evidence-based science to provide a patient-centred holistic approach that achieves sustainable and feasible health outcomes for the individual. 

She has a broad range of interests that include:

• Oncology

• Paediatrics

• Reproductive health (male, female, and non-binary)

• Mental health

• Gastrointestinal illnesses

She utilises a vast array of pathology testing (when required) and works with GPs, specialists, and allied health practitioners to help you restore your health and well-being.

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