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Josie Bradley


Fertility, sexual health & hormones

About Josie

Josie is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath + fertility & sexuality educator who inspires her clients to bring more pleasure into all aspects of their lives. As a fertility educator, Josie has a passion for coaching individuals & families in making choices that promote optimal health in their journey of parenthood. In doing so, Josie supports people to conceive with ease, reduce their likelihood of pregnancy complications, have a blissful birth & still feel nourished in their postpartum. As a sexuality educator, Josie also has a great passion for coaching individuals & people in relationships to feel empowered in their sexuality. Josie believes that the most important part of Naturopathy is educating individuals to have a deep connection with their body so that they become their own primary health carer & constantly facilitate their own healing. In her deep passion for education, Josie has published an array of Ebooks & online courses to make health education widely accessible. Josie uses a wide variety of treatment approaches including; coaching, pathology & functional testing, iridology, herbal remedies, nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences & diet & lifestyle recommendations to create a bespoke treatment plan for you. Private consultations available

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