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Sarah Rickerby

Grounded energy Medicine 

Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist 

About Sarah

Welcome to a grounded approach to Energy Medicine. Most imbalances, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature or origin, respond to this subtle yet powerful multi-dimensional work.

The work is essentially with the nervous system. As it relaxes, the internal ‘noise’ begins to quiet. Tensions soften and flow increases. Connection to parts that have felt absent, but in fact have always been there, become felt and familiar. Trust and safety within builds. The potential for change becomes limitless.


Potential to…​

  • feel calm, embodied and grounded

  • reduce pain and stress 

  • balance the nervous system

  • release held trauma from the tissues and nervous system

  • integrate and embody work you’ve done with talk therapies or other modalities

  • release/clear unwanted energies

  • grow and develop in general and/or spiritually

  • work with inner child  

  • increase intuition

  • release limiting blockages 

  • change outdated behaviours/patterns

  • consciously reconnect to Mother Earth

Each session is unique and guided by your innate ability to heal. Change is inspired by your individual needs and priorities on the day, honouring the ‘client led’ principle. This is the Biodynamic Way

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