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Dr Khanna Udit

Integrative Doctor

About Dr Udit

We ‘experience’ life through our body. The ‘living’ body is biochemistry in action. When this balance is disturbed, biochemical mechanisms are affected and symptoms develop. Reversing the cause, allows the body (and mind) to heal itself over time.

To heal ourselves, we first need to understand our basic nature.


We are multi-dimensional beings – composed of Body, Mind and Spirit.

All 3 parts need to be in a healthy balance for our health. A symptom may arise from a dysfunction of any one part, but eventually, if left long enough, all 3 parts will be affected. Therefore, any strategy to heal a disease should address all 3 parts.​

Body: the organs including brain. It is made up from the food we eat. Biochemical reactions within the body make life possible. The biochemical mechanisms are under direct or indirect control of the mind (mostly the subconscious mind) & are constantly affected by our lifestyle/environment, genetic and psychological states. Symptoms develop when these biochemical mechanisms are compromised. Our body has built in redundancies, and therefore symptoms often develop months to years after a biochemical mechanism is compromised.

Healthy diet supplies the ‘raw materials’ to build a healthy body. What happens to these nutrients once they enter the body depends on what our subconscious mind considers where these nutrients are needed. You can say, the mind is the director and the body is the stage.  Good nutrition certainly helps, and is the most important step towards health, but is not the only factor affecting health. ​

Mind: the neural electrical transmissions /  the energy that drives the body and the brain. Our mind analyses the environment inside and outside of us, and then directs biochemical reactions in the body towards a particular outcome. 

We start building up an image of ourselves and our motivations/desires/expectations/fears etc from our own experiences in childhood, with inputs from our parents, extended family, peers, social/mass media. Our mind is basically a complex interplay between our ego (our unique perspective) and as it relates to the external & internal environment, our symptoms, previous or current stressful events, expectations, desires, beliefs, medical illnesses, nutritional imbalances, toxins, etc. 

Mind can be divided into two parts – the conscious (~about 10%) and the subconscious (~about 90%). Both the parts together are the driver of who we are, our desires, motivations, choices, expectations, beliefs, perceptions and … also both our physical and psychological diseases (via inappropriate lifestyle choices, via changes in chemical messengers/hormones, etc). Our subconscious mind is … basically … ‘sub’ – conscious. The subconscious mind runs our automatic habitual patterns (ie. old tapes) that get triggered whenever certain parameters are met. This is why we behave a certain way even before we realise what we are doing. Because subconscious mind occupies about 90% of our mind, it exerts a phenomenal influence in how we function. Willpower alone may not change us. We need to address our unique perspective and hence how and when our subconscious mind triggers certain reactions. Overtime, with practice, we can re-program the subconscious mind to trigger at different events or not to get triggered at all. Until such time, we may need alternative therapies, supplements and even medications to keep symptoms under control.

Mind is also the birthplace of fear usually from a thought that a desired outcome may not happen – this sometimes compels us to fear based remedial reactions (sometimes mistaken as desires/motivations). 

Herbs are a natural, safe and a great way of modulating biochemical functions and hence our body and mind. However, we should always endeavour to address the ‘source’ of our problems, which could exist in the body, mind or spirit.

Modern medicine regards the physical and psychological symptoms as a ‘hardware’ issue and therefore treats with medications that alter the function of certain enzymes – i.e tries to solve a software problem by trying to temporarily re-route the hardware. Purely a nutritional approach does the same thing. Counselling/CBT tries to address the problem by giving strategies e.g to focus on something different. Both these approaches do mitigate the problems of the mind (and are certainly recommended), but depending on the cause, may or may not solve it.​​

So, if we have symptoms, analysing this complex behind the scenes interplay can shed light on how our unique perspective is shaping our symptoms and disease.

Spirit: This is the essence of who we are – the joy / soul inside all of us. Spirit only knows joy and love. It does not know fear. When we come from Spirit, there is no fear of failure, only ‘love for the work’.

Spirit is also the witnesser that witnesses the events that unfold in our life, how we react to those events when we come from our unique perspective, what lessons we learn in the process. As long as certain events keep bothering us, our attention keeps going back to those events and we notice the event keeps showing itself in our lives. Once an event stops bothering us, we no longer pay attention to it, and such an event despite being present, is no longer a ‘problem’.

Modern medicine does not understand this side of us at all.​

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